Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say...
"Blessed Is He That Cometh In The Name Of The Lord."

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Chart: The Judgment of Babylon


Don't Give Up On The Bible
Only Jesus Teaches Doctrine
The Twoedged Sword
Man Did Not Fall
The Plan of Salvation
The Bible, God's Witness
Self Is Not Justified By Faith
Signs and Wonders of Lucifer
Abomination of Desolation
The Kingdom of Heaven

Prophecy Studies:
The Book of Daniel
The Book of Revelation

The Ten Horns Prove The
Theft Of Christ's Identity


Jesus Is Waiting For Us to Live His Teachings

The Covenant of Promise of Jesus Christ

They Will Come From The East And The West...

Inspired Scripture: The Holy Bible ~ The Holy Qur'an ~ The Lotus Sutra

The People of Islam Are Also God's People

The Kindom of Heaven: Jesus' World Of Three Spiritual Parts


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What would you do if archeologists found the two tables of stone on which God wrote His Ten Commandment Law? Jesus put them in His Revelation for us to find. They are God's Two Witnesses of mankind's inability to overcome iniquity without God changing mankind's character. We cannot love one another without submitting to God.