Gain Your Own Knowledge of Our Living God

od is love, and you already know Him. I hope you enjoy this site and learn what I've learned, applying it in your search for Him. Yet I'd suggest listening to Him and to no one else, because He knows you best, and can lead you where He delights.

When you are ready to learn, I'd advise definitely asking Him for His Holy Spirit to guide you through His Word. The Holy Spirit is fantastic and available to help, particularly in these times!

The biggest resource I've found is the Internet itself - It's a treasure-trove of Heavenly knowledge! People around the world are putting up wonderful sites as His coming draws near, and there are amazing resources available for study as well! Here are a few of my favorites...

  • The Complete Published Writings of Ellen G. White: This is a wonderful resource for study. Mrs. White was truly a messenger of God. Like all of God's messenger's, that doesn't mean she was perfect, but her later writings are alive today as she describes Biblical events and the state of our world at the end.

  • A Pictorial Biography of Ghandi: Read about the life of this wonderful man who reflected Jesus' character on earth while at the same time helping millions to know God better.

  • The Life Of Muhammed: A biography of Islam's founder and Prophet, the most religiously influential modern leader since our Lord Jesus. He instituted a system whereby the poor, elderly and need are cared for in lands that are poor to begin with.

  • Martin Luther King's 'I Have Been To The Mountaintop' Speech: A true Moses of our time, Martin Luther King's speech in Memphis was his last, and most Biblical.

  • Crosswalk.Com Online Bible: For searching the Bible using multiple translations and commentaries.

  • e-Sword: A great study tool, software that lets you read and compare multiple translations of the Bible, as well as download may other resources like commentaries, graphics, and the like.

  • SwordSearcher: Another wonderful software tool for studying and searching the Bible.